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Providing Professional Site Safety Solutions to manage your Occupational Health and Safety Liabilities

About us

Site Safety was established to provide clients with immediate, short and/or long term health, safety and environmental assistance and solutions. Our main focus is to assist contractors that are required to adhere to safety specifications as per contract agreements but does not have the budget to appoint a full-time Safety Officer to ensure compliance to the Occupational Health and Safety Act and other relevant legislation.

 Our main focus is to assist contractors in the compilation of safety files in accordance with  safety specifications  to obtain authorisation and access to sites.

We also assist clients that need to submit safety files as part of tender submissions. Our safety files are comprehensive and many tenders has been allocated to our clients because of our site specific, project focused, safety files and Occupational Health and Safety management plans


To assist clients’ on and off site with  safety solutions in order to adhere to safety specifications and in-turn  create a safe and healthy environment for their workforce.


Site Safety’ team of competent and experienced staff are focused to provide clients with professional services whilst protecting them against Occupational Health and safety  liabilities.

Safety files, on-site safety assistance & accredited Occupational Health and Safety Training