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What is the correct Compensation Claim Procedure?

  • The employee must give as soon as possible  after such accident occurs, notice thereof to the employer and the notice may also be given, as soon as possible, in the prescribed manner to the Commissioner
  • The employer must within seven days after having received notice of the accident report same to the Commissioner in the prescribed manner.
  • The Commissioner may conduct any inquiry into the incident.
  • The employee is required to undergo a medical examination.
  • The claim must be submitted within 12 months form the date of injury or disease.
  • The Commissioner considers the claim and then makes payment or repudiates the  claim.
  • Complete “Part A” of Form WCI.2 “ Employer’s report of an accident.
  • Detach “Part B” where perforated and provide it without delay to the doctor or hospital concerned. In minor cases “ Part B” must accompany the employee.
  • Complete “Part A” page 2 in full.
  • Forward the completed Form W.CI. 2 “Part A” pages 1 and 2 without delay to The Compensation Commissioner, PO Box 955, Pretoria 0001, or follow the online instruction thereto.

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