Occupational Health and Safety Assistance

Occupational Health and Safety Assistance

Site Safety provides the following affordable Occupational Health and Safety  assistance and support to clients with regards to the following:

  • Site visits/inspections and inspection reports

We can visit your project site daily, weekly or monthly. Depending on the site safety structures and safety procedures. We also attend Health and Safety Committee meetings on your behalf, do site inspections to ensure that employees and subcontractors adheres to safe work procedures,  conduct safety file audits to ensure that the safety file is used daily and all information contained in the file remains updated and relevant.

  • Site/organisational specific Health and Safety  Management Plan

The Occupational Health and Safety management plan is operations specific and provides crucial information about the who, what, where, when, how and what thereafter of your operations.

The Occupational Health and Safety management plan forms the basis of your Occupational Health and safety operations and forms part of the Project safety file. The plan in conjunction with the rest of the safety file is evaluated pending the approval/ of your authorisation to start with the contracted work.

  • Risk Assessments, Safe Work Procedures and Method Statements.
  • Fall Protection Plan
  • Comprehensive  and complete Safety files
  • Appointment Letters
  • Registers
  • Toolbox talks
  • Guidance in the control and use of Safety files
  • Safety file audits
  • Site (OHSAS 45001)  audits
  • Compliance to safety specifications.
  • OHS assistance related to Tender proposals and submissions
  • Advisory reports on Health and Safety issues that can be discussed at safety committee meetings
  • Accredited Training
    • First Aid level 1 and 2
    • SHE Representative
    • Fire Fighting
    • Risk Assessor
    • Legal Liability
    • Safety for Supervisors
    • Accident and Incident investigator ( RCAT)
  • On-site medicals for 20 people and more
  • Creating a OHS culture  through a pervasive inhouse SHE awareness programme.
  • Fire Plans



Safety files, on-site safety assistance & accredited Occupational Health and Safety Training